Arriving to Costa Rica

So here we are at 4am at the Portland airport with two huge backpacks ready to depart.

It was a pretty nice smooth flight until we started the boarding in Houston.
I was so excited about my one-way ticket and a good deal I got back in April that it didn’t cross my mind that ticos (costaricans) might question my willingness to leave their country. As it appeared I had to have a return ticket back home. I learned that 12 minutes before the take-off time.

What could I do? Not to fly? NOOOO! I grabbed my passport and rushed to the closest customer service. With a few flirting looks and praises I made two men get me infront of the line.

“I just need something to get me from Costa Rica and I need it quick because my plane is about to leave” The lady at the counter didn’t seem to get it and started asking me questions about the date and place. I really didn’t care at that point and just took the first offer that cost me $540. Oucchhhh……

On the flight to San Jose I slept all the way through. Upon arriving to San Jose I told the lady at the border that I want to stay for 90 days which is the max you can do (as I thought). She wasn’t very supportive and said that 30days is all she can stamp my passport for. I guess it will be a good reason to leave for Cuba.

WOW! What a viaje but como se dice: bien está lo que bien acaba

LA Gringa made it to Costa Rica!

TIPS: Buy a


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