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This morning I woke with a hope of going to a farm with the girls. We were supposed to meet in the morning in Heredia but due to lack of internet connection and absence of cell phone I ended up taking an hour bus trip and coming back. It has been a month without a cell phone; a pretty cool, ancient feeling. It makes you communicate better, plan things more effectively and think ahead of time. Sometimes it works but sometimes, like today, it didn’t.

I took the bus back to the center of San Jose. Sundays in Costa Rica are dead and empty days. The majority of stores are closed, people are either at home or church. From time to time, here and there, there are little gatherings and music.

On the way back home I stop by supermarket Christal to get a crispy baguette. When I arrived, Catalina told me that the guy on a bike full with a bunch of stuff in front of our house fixes shoes for only $2. I was hoping to fix my newly bought sandals that lost its hills cover in the first two hours of walking. Caramba! ***With his permission I took a picture. 

It’s always like that: anything that doesn’t happen always brings something else, even cooler.

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