Cartago and Volcan Iguazu

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On Friday night the girls came over to go out dancing.YES! We finally went out to a local club Pepper’s and danced. FOR REAL! There were guys who could dance, there was a life band that played cool songs and the place that could support it all. We danced till 2:30am and left with a satisfied soul full alegria. Why does dancing make me so happy??? 

The girls spent the night in the house. In the morning we had coffee and bread with sour cream. Why sour cream? Because I thought I was buying Cheese Cream but accidently bought Sour Cream. The cream it was!

Than we took a bus to Teatro National to take another one from there to Irazu at 8am. That was a big stretch after a night of dancing. At the volcano we had about 3 hours to walk around, take pictures and eat a bunch of bready stuff. All we brought and bought was pasta, bread, tortillas, empanadas, and donuts.The bread tastes better with even more bread! YUMM!

In the afternoon we didn’t have electricity in the house. Cata and I went for a walk to the pueblo. There was a free concert by Chiqui Chiqui, the oldies band of Costa Rica. Everyone was dancing in cowboy hats and drinking a lot of Imperial. We watched people and headed to a little cute soda to get a strawberry ice cream cone. It was delish!


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