Mothers – Panama and other countries

There is so much to say about mothers. They are full of strict endless love, passion, understanding, sensibility, and patience. Talking to mom on the phone miraculously makes you feel relieved. So far, in each county I tented to find one of those older women who would make me appreciate more my mom and grandma and make you feel “at home.”

In Cuba, it was Dania, in Costa Rica – Catalina, and in Panama, our cleaning lady Ara.

Ara was one of those women who would take care of you no matter what. During my first day in Panama, after a hard day of work she took me to the city. “Didn’t she have something better to do?” – I thought. Then she took me to a dentist and was a great support when I had to pull teeth and get braces. She would make soups for lunch, blended beans with potatoes when my teeth were hurting, would do my laundry and just was there when I needed to explain how I was feeling in my broken Spanish.

She taught me how share a bowl of soup between five people rather than eat yourself and get satisfied alone. She was patient and always had a solution for any problem.

Today is my last at the hostel and I will definitely miss her more than anything else Panama. Traveling teaches you more about people, being a human, and life rather than about places. I am in for another adventure… what will it be? Nicaragua or Colombia? Maybe both.

Мамочка, я тебя люблю.

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