Making Decisions – Volunteering in Colombia

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It was a Thursday night and Margaret asked me to come over to the volunteer house of Emerging Voices for a trivia night with a group of military guys.

When I arrived I met Monica, the director of the organization. She herself volunteered in Kenya, Peru, studied in New York and then decided to go back and help her country. We talked and she asked if I would join her cousin in the coffee region and start a pilot volunteer project. “it’s a beautiful house, you will speak Spanish, and only 2 hours away from Cali.” – she said.

Then I met Gloria, the cousin, we made a tortilla soup and I absolutely loved her. After the trivia night with the military men, Monica asked if I would go get her car so we can talk. On the way back, she offered to join her at a volunteer conference in the morning, and that all lead to me going back to the hostel at 11:30 pm, packing in 7 minutes and moving-in with the rest of volunteers.

For the past two days I have been in a conference from 8am-5pm with a bunch of awesome people and delicious food. On Wednesday Gloria and I are taking off to the coffee region to do some good!!! I am excited.

Things sometime work out in a complete different direction but it is what it is and I am loving the journey!!!


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