How About Vitaminas? – Volunteer Colombia

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I finally got nine hours of sleep but walk up with a terrible cough. After a bowl of hot chicken soup with egg for breakfast we headed to Ivan’s apartment to meet with a group of volunteers. The VITAMINAS!!!

Vitaminas because they are helping the people in the mines. Isn’t that cleaver?

From there, we headed to a park to meet with a few Danish students who were working on a volunteer project in Bogotá. The main goal was to get all the volunteer together in one day and share love.

The project called 100 in 1 dia.

The motto:

Si no eres tu, quien?  If not you, then who? 

Si no es ahora, cuando? If not righ now, then when? 

Si no es aqui, donde? – If not here, then where? 

From there, we got a taxi and went to a supermarket Exito to tell people about the Vitamianas.

– Do you want vitamins? – we would ask. Then pick a paper.

A abrazo  (group hug)

D dulce (sweets)

F foto (photo)

And we did it for about two hours until we run out of brochures and candies. It was great. Even if people didn’t want to talk to us at first, or take a picture, of hug them, when we would make them, it would put a smile on their face and it all that mattered.

The day ended with a benefit of Vitamin water that calls beer.


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