After a week of volunteering in Armenia

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PHOTOS: Salento, Colombia

I am getting very confused about my feelings about volunteering. There is so much money and business involved that at the end you don’t know whom you are really helping.

I have been feeling down for the past week. Since it’s a pilot project I am the only one here. It feels like I am going waste time and there is not going to be a continuation of anything.

Also, I haven’t really met people or gone out. Volunteering is volunteering but there should be time for fun. Our house is in the middle of nowhere. You can’t really get out of the house unless you want to pay $12-15 for a taxi. A bus is an option bus it takes about an hour to get downtown.

Gloria has been very nice and sweet taking me places and even went to the best salsa place with me till 2am, but I just can’t ask her to do it all the time.

The beauty of travelling is that YOU can decide whether or not to stay or to go. So, I have decided to move on.

SALENTO: Try the best trucha in Colombia!

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