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I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had me so far, for people I have met on the road, all I have learned and was able to teach while travelling.

The whole experience on the farm made me totally changed my life perspective. The conversations with Mario, the owner of the farm who is a credit-mortgage lawyer, about money, finances, credit, Earth, life, illnesses, and nature made me think a lot about what the life is all about and where we are all going to.

Both from Gloria and Mario I learned that loaning money is a sin and it’s written black on white in the Bible. More, bigger, and better is all that most people want in this life. But little we realize that with more we have so much less is left for a better healthier life. Global warming, aging population of the Earth, excessive credit, and fast food – are probably going to kill us all in less than a hundred years….or it’s already killing us slowly. When the electricity gets cut off, the internet crashes, and the gasoline runs out – what’s next? – The water or food deficit?

Maybe then we are going to think about recycling, riding bikes, and growing your own organic corn in the backyard? – Just like Portland people do. Maybe, at that point the people stop thinking just about themselves and start living as a group, a community. Maybe that’s when we look back at our ancestors and remember how they started.

Travelling and living with so many people and learning so much about the cultures, ways of life, thinking methods, and history, I realize that there is not too much new under the sun and history repeats itself. The countries of the world are at the different stage of its history and development but where we will all end up is – the basic beginning.

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