What if I had a farm?

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Being from a big city and always living in apartments with the comfort of public transport and luxury of convenience, I have never thought I would want to experience a farm lifestyle and have a house in the middle of nowhere. What about salsa dancing?

But now I say: what about growing your own food, recycle, use compost, maybe use a solar power, and have a place that self-sustains itself. What about sharing it with others? More and more I think about how little resources we have left on Earth and how much more we can do to live healthier and more productive.

In Colombia, I have been visiting a lot of places where people transformed a piece of land not only into a self-sustainable farm but also into a gastronomic and touristic attraction. Panaca, Penas Blancas and Nirvana are few of the ones I visited that completely inspired me to live outside of the city and work on the land.

Sometimes I dream: What if I had a piece of land and start from nothing a little eco farm? (Living with a great guy would be a cherry on a cake of course hehehe).  Sometimes I dream that little by little would be nice to grow organic fruits and veggies, maybe fish and chickens, and make your own bread and beer. What if you sell the fruits on the market every Saturday and serve fresh organic lunches to people who are passing by on Sundays? That would be one of those farms where people could have a wedding or come and have lunch or dinner in “campestre” style. One of those places that you know about from a friend and tell two more friends after you visit it.

What if?  – And after Colombia I am totally convinced to do it!!!

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