Working with kids

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In the afternoon, to get a break from the heavy labor, I volunteered to do activities with kids. The minute you tell them you speak a few other languages and lived in other countries, there come the questions:

“How do you say it in….?”

Day One: We hiked about 5km to a Virgin and played there.

Day Two: I made paper flags, colored them and put on the wall. Then, divided the kiddos into teams and started calling the country. They would have to run to the flag and tell me what continent it’s on and what languages people speak there. Then we danced. Ukrainian and Indian dances were a success!

Day Three: We hiked 10km – UP the hill. It was a killer. Good thing is that in a small village everyone gives everyone a lift. We had to hitch-hike back home.

Day Four: “Who wants to be a milliner,” origami and a paper airplane competition. The planes were from different countries with different flags.

I loved every single day!!!

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