Finally in Peru

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The beauty of the world, people and situations surprise me and really fill me up with love and happiness over and over again. At a disco last night I was asked “Are you a happy person?” and I said “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”  We have been going to Adventure and Climbing Film Festival in Huaraz for the past three days and it made me think a lot about my trip.

“If there is no risk or fear, it’s not real” has been repeated there over and over again. I have been on the road for 7 months now and thank God it has been great so far. This trip has been growing on me and the fear, unexpected, beauty and people have been teaching me a lot.

I guess every time I cross the border or go from one town to another there is a bit of fear and risk. I always try to look for travelers like myself and stick to them. On the way from Ecuador to Peru I spotted a tall blond guy with blue eyes. A bigger and taller guy is always a plus and the knowledge of Spanish is like a cherry on the cake.

Well, my new German- Bavarian 24 year-old friend Korbi barely spoke Spanish and was on the way to Peru from an Ecuadorian wedding. When we got to the border with Peru, the Peruvian officials didn’t even have a computer to register us. A border officer was reading a newspaper, asked me how long I was going to stay, stamped my passport and let us go.

The first impression of Northern Peru was – desert! The destination town was Piura from where at 10pm we were planning to take a bus to the next town. So we arrived to the terminal and a bus driver said we had to take a taxi to another terminal to take another bus.

A fat Peruvian taxi driver was waiting by the door flagging his official card. “How much is it to the terminal?” I asked. “5 soles” ($2.50) “but there are no buses. I can take you to other terminal but it will be another 5 soles.” Then, it happened all in 25 minutes. One terminal – the buses are booked, 5 soles; another terminal – the buses are booked, 5 soles more, another terminal – everything is booked.

Then were hotels: first hotel – booked, 5 soles; another hotel – booked, 5 soles more…. At the end, a taxi driver called one of his friends and found us a room for 60 soles ($30) with a matrimonial bed and shower inside the bedroom. We ended up paying 25 soles ($12) for 25 minutes taxi city tour and finished our night eating Chinese food and sharing a bed.

What the heck is this country? – We thought and the first thing in the morning we headed to a bus terminal to get tickets to Trujillo. The taxi this time cost us 3 soles for the whole ride; we had papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes) with rice and ceviche. Yumm!! The day started much better!

When we got to Trujillo the taxi driver just said “You can walk to the hostel.” So we walked and after getting settled, went to get food. We didn’t walk too long when saw a “concert” in a little court yard. We walked in. An older guy, who had at least 5 bottles of beer told to Korbi “Dance with her, dance with her.” Korbi and I definitely needed a bottle of beer to start.

We headed to the counter. There were a bunch of 40sh year old guys with their wives and kids dancing and drinking. All of them had yellow sweaters that said “Class of 1990.” We were at a high school reunion!!! One of the guys was an English teacher and got us involved in the group. There we were for five hours dancing salsa, cumbia, merenggue and drinking beer.

There is a special beer drinking tradition in Peru. You don’t drink from the bottle and no one has his own bottle. You get one glass, one bottle and a few people pass the glass around. When you finish, you drop your foam on the floor or if you drink at the table, you put and extra glass on the table and keep pouring the foam in that glass. That wastes about a glass of beer after a few bottles drunk. So strange!

The next day we met a girl from Costa Rica who joined us to go to the mochikas and chimus old sand ruins of Chan Chan and Huaca de la Luna. Then we headed to the beach Huanchaco. The more I travel the more I realize how complex and amazing the world is! The complication of the ruins and the past civilization fascinates me! I think I have been growing so much stronger in my faith and just cannot not to believe in God. How did this entire world happen? Whatever the God is for you, there is one. And the world is just amazing!

After Trujillo we took Trnsporte Linea and headed to the mountain town Huaraz. When we arrived to the terminal, our backpacks were covered with fish juice and all the cloth smelled as if we were transporting ceviches. We nicely complained about the situation and to our surprise got a free bus ticket to Lima!

People really take care of you here but sometimes you just wonder if they have a disorder. You rarely get what is on the menu or what you ordered. The room in a hostel could be nice but then you realize that the bathroom doesn’t work. It is a nice disorder full of surprises this country!

During the three days in Huaraz we have been actively hiking above 4000 meters, visited Laguna 69, Laguan Vilcacochas, a bunch of little pueblos like Caraz, Yungay, Carhuaz, had the best ice cream and dulce de leche, watched about 14 films about climbing and adventure and of course went to a rumba till 4am! I even attended a workshop about writing a travel-adventure blog. So, hopefully you have been enjoying this. Thank you for reading!

Tonight heading to Lima.

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