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Two days in Lima were just enough. Although, I ended up staying with a very nice family, the city was exactly what expected. It was dirty and grey, cold and hot at the same time, big and unsafe. I stayed with Karla’s cousin. She took me everywhere, fed me pollo a la brasa and ceviche. Ceviche is made out of row fish here. By accident I ate little piece of chili and was sweating and crying so much that thought my eye were about to fall off on the table. It was delish though.

On the way out from Lima, Karla’s aunt made chicken with rice to take on a 22-bus-ride to Cusco. I was a little embarrassed to eat it but as soon as the light went down and everyone seemed to be asleep, I secretly pulled the dinner and ate it.

I traveled with Civa Transport. The bus was the cheapest you could get but probably the worst. Dirty and smelly…. hehehe.. on top, a guy who was sitting next to me kept making earplugs out of toilet paper by rolling the little pieces of paper, wetting them in his mouth and putting into his ears. When it wouldn’t fit in, he would take them out, put in this mouth and then in his ears again. At first it was disgusting but then I found it funny. He also kept talking about the French revolution, European Union and how good the combination of bananas and oranges was for you.

At the end of 22-hour ride he asked if I would want to leave my backpack at his house and have lunch with him. Yeah right…. I told him: “You are very nice but I have some business to take care of.” He introduced me to an Argentinean boy and I ended up leaving my backpack in his hostel room.

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