La Paz – Bolivia

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Running to catch a bus from Copacabana to La Paz, we tacked into a small mini van and were on the road to the capital. It took about 5 hours and around 10pm we arrived to a bus terminal of dirty, loud, crazy, scary and ugly La Paz.

I refused to plan or book any hostels so my friend Isa and I crossed the road from the terminal and headed to the first sign that said “hostel.”

Little we knew that the whole city and country was about to be closed for a day of census. That meant we only had two hours to find a place to stay, something to eat, and get newspapers for the next day of doing nothing.

The next day was spent in the hostel hanging out with other people, surfing the net, drinking beer and chewing one-day-old soaky french fries. That one day of census also put us a day behind with a travel plan. Another day in La Paz needed to be spent to get to know the city.

There is one “must” you need to do in La Paz – go shopping. Bolivia is quiet cheap and before Argentina it might not be a bad idea to be loaded with a pair of cute jeans. And don’t forget to check to witch market for special aromas for love and happiness! With that cute outfit and love luck, you might be out of South America with a cute boyfriend. Ay-ay-ay!

HOSTEL IN LA PAZ: Bash and Crash Hostel (if you get an Inca card, you can get a special discount)

PLACES TO SEE: El Mercado de las Brujas

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