Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

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Well, this is something you must see and you should but don’t spend 4 days there. We did and all I can remember now about it is being squished in a dirty jeep with seven others, getting out to pee in the open desert, taking picutures and seeing lagunes, after lagunes and after lagunes.

A two day tour would be a great trip. Good thing my funniest friends Jana whom I volunteered with in Ecuador and I got lots of beer. Otherwise we would be bored out of out minds.

When we finally got back to the Uyuni village, we couldn’t wait to get to a clean place, take a shower and get rest from a 4-day sitting in a car.

We took a bus to Tupiza where we had an intense preparation for expensive Argentina. We did all the laundry, went to a beauty salon and caught up with blogs.

WHERE TO BOOK A UYUNI TOUR: We did it on the tourist strip, south of Plaza de San Francisco. Look well for deals and bargain! The more people you get, the most likely you will get the price down. If you have an Izraeli friend, ask the m to get a deal. We paid 700 bolivianos for 4 days each.

TAKING BUSES IN BOLIVIA – TOURIST VS LOCAL: Well, if you freak out about your life a lot then take a tourist bus. However, I am not sure what the difference it makes if a non-tourist bus-driver hits you and your tourist bus would get crashed. The tourist bus from La Paz to Uyuni was full of gringos. It felt disgusting. On the way from Uyuni to Tupiza we took a local bus and were just fine. So, it’s up to you. I can’t give an advise on this one but I think you can see what my opinion about this is. Why pay more if you can die either way? 🙂

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