Hitchhiking in Argentina – “a dedo”

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We crossed the border, walked a few meters to the nearest gas station and said – LETS HITCHHIKE! Guess what? Not the best idea. Nobody stopped. People were laughing, passing us, and we were hot and miserable on the corner of unknown town with our sign.

We decided to take a bus to  Humahuaca and try again. Walking to the terminal of La Quiaca we got our breakfast empanadas where they had the best promotion I have seen: 1 empanada for 3 pesos or 3 empanadas for 10~! Them we bargained to get cheapest fare to La Quiaca  and settled in a comfy bus.

After an hour ride the bus was stopped and everyone had to get out to form two lines: men separately from women. Our bags were examined with strong hands of handsome draconian Argentinian officials and the bags of Argentinians and Bolivians were emptied, thrown on the dirty ground and kicked with worn black leather boots. My heart was all torn up.

When we finally got to Humahuaca everything was closed and as we learned later, Argentina went into a massive across-nation nap and rest between 1pm and 4pm.

We walked to the nearest highway, got the sign out and tried again. We read a few blogs about hitchhiking and it said your could be waiting long, be discouraged but have to be persistent.

So were and it only took us 15 minutes before a big truck rolled to the side of the road and picked us up. Jana didn’t speak too much Spanish and I had to do the job. The guy was super nice and took almost all the way to Salta where our nice CouchSurfing host Rosa was waiting for us to take us to her house.

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