Mt. Wilson, California

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This was one of those hikes just like the one in Panama: a group of guys, steep elevation, and telephone towers at the top. Apparently, flat Los Angeles has its hills and mountains as well.  I knew nothing about Mt. Wilson and showed just up  for the sake of adventure and exercise. When we got to the parking lot, the hike was supposed to be 6 miles. I was unsure if it was one way or a round trip and didn’t dare to ask. The guys looked tough for whiny questions like that.

Half way up, I realized that the hike was 14 miles round trip with 4745 feet elevation. To describe it in a few words,  it was  challenging, hot, and sweaty. It definitely was not for beginners and if you wanted to push yourself – there you had it!

We all made it to the top where we quickly chewed on some snacks and rushed back to the parking lot. I could feel my knees screaming and toes getting numb. Yet, the great satisfaction of personal achievement and being in the nature was incomparable. I must add the best reward of a double burger from In-N-Out afterwards!

GETTING THERE: Get there early on a nice weekend day to get a parking spot

PARKING: Free on the street or $10 at a private parking lot that opens at 8:30am and has 30 spots

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