Mendoza and Maipu wine tour

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After an exhausting one day ride in a car with Susana and Jean-Pierre and then a one night of a bus ride to Mendoza we finally arrived to this student city of Argentina – tired.

There was no one on the streets and we walked to the nearest plaza to look for a hostel. The cheapest we found was not that cheap. We tried to bargain but all they could offer was an extra breakfast. They didn’t know we were about to eat all the eggs and almost the whole load of bread – oups forgot to read the breakfast signed and didn’t realize there were other people in the hostel.

After the breakfast Jana just wanted to sleep. I made myself comfortable by the computers and started researching about “things to do near Mendoza.” This city seemed outrageously expensive and as we found out later not pretty at all.

I e-mailed my friend Kelly whom I met in Colombia through Jose and Kyle and she was there with her Mendozian boyfriend Fabricio. The next morning, all three of us girls went on a  – MAIPU ~ LA RUTA DEL VINO. 

Don’t get me wrong but I know nothing about wine. By favorite is whatever you can get for $2.99 at  Trader Joe’s.  Jana was the same way so ended up getting the cheapest we could get and after a few wineries, riding next to large trucks and smelly tractors was quiet adventurous and tipsy. The helmet required!

I must say that he best part of the wine tour was the beer factory at the end. We finally got to listen to reggae, sit back in a soft blue chair and sip our favorite drink – BEER!