Bogota – First Impression

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Arriving to Bogota was a pain. The bus was three hours late due to a police check on the road. A curvy road made it impossible to use the bathroom as you were thrown around from one side of the toilet to another like a pinpong. So, when I finally made it to the Bogota terminal – I was relieved.

The first impression of Bogota wasn’t that great. The terminal, then the little bus I has to take to get to the hostel, grey and black colors everywhere, rain, and cold weather didn’t seem that appealing. I took a bus to Musicology hostel and honestly had no idea where I was going. Good thing the streets were numbered and it started to make more sense as I was getting to the final destination.

On the way out from the bus, I accidentally stretched along the floor lending on my knees, dropping my backpack and hurting at least three people next to me with an elbow. That made a nice senor next to me help me with my backpack. I got off!! oufff.

The hostel I am staying at is in the older part of town where you could only hear about people being robbed. I haven’t felt the danger yet, but am constantly looking over the shoulder walking on the street. In any case, the cold weather makes you want to fall asleep under a warm blanket and do nothing here.

I also went out last night and have to admit, have never had THAT much fun dancing techno, reggae, and hip hop. It was awesome.