Cali, Colombia – WOOF

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I want to say it over and over again – I am absolutely in love with Colombia and can’t get enough of it. I got to visit the capital of Salsa – Cali.  Salsa, I love you! I danced so hard that at one point felt something wet on my foot. When I looked down, the tow and the shoe were covered in blood. Someone kicked me so hard that the toenail broke in half in the middle.  Sigh…

In Cali, I stayed with a very nice girl who generously offered me her mattress in a separate room and a bathroom, made eggs in the morning and took me out to the most beautiful ecopark where we ate organic fish and hiked up a pretty hill. I was CouchSurfing. Mom and grandma, no worries.  It was safe. I did the research.

After a weekend with the girl from Cali , I met with a couple that I also met through internet on WOOFF and they took me to a farm. I did a good research about the people and at first they didn’t want to host me but after a nice e-mail from my part they were convinced.

For a week I lived with the family who is in charge of the farm. I would wake up t 7am, get dressed, put a lot of mosquito spray, and would work in the garden. At 9am we had breakfast, at 12pm was the time to shower and 12:30 pm to have lunch. After that, I would get ready and leave with the 10 year old Daniel on a hike to look for other kids who would join us for the afternoon activities.

The family who accepted me to work with them on the farm also invited me to their apartment for a few days. Sometimes I am impressed with people just letting you in into their lives and houses. So here I am , staying with them for a few days and then have to head south.

My Colombian visa expires on the 30th of July and I have to leave the country in two weeks. I am very very very very sad and feel like I have to come back. I don’t know if in any other country I would feel the same way as in Colombia.

A friend asked me if I would marry him so he can go to the US but the question is would I marry him to stay here? Yeah, watch out for those Latinos. All of them suddenly fall in love with you and want to get married.

*** I have to say: people are so pretty that it feels like everyone escaped from a fashion magazine. Yet, I did learn that there are a lot of beauty secrets. The cloth and lingerie that makes your unwanted fat to disappear, butt to stick out, and breast to rise up. Various creams and iodine plastic wraps that make you burn 1cm of fat overnight. And, of course plastic surgeries! For only $1000, you can transfer unwanted fat in the place you want. And the most amazing that almost everyone does it here!  You walk around and wonder: how the heck could this be possible? People are so beautiful! But I have to say not only from the outside but also from the inside.