Go Climb a Mountain – Climbing Cotopaxi, Ecuador

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Go climb a mountain. For courage, for respect, for adventure, for yourself, for others or just do it!

Climbing Cotopaxi was challenging, encouraging and refining. 5.897 meters or 19347 feet, 2 meters higher than Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was intense!

We left the refuge at midnight and started uphill. Ice-picking vertical snow walls, jumping over deep snow cracks in the ground and using crampons wasn’t something I had ever done. On top, climbing above 4900 meters was a new experience that definitely added a bit of headache to the climb.

It was not about competition, making it first to the top or making it there at all. It was all about the process and the beauty. “Just one step at a time,” was going through my head. “Relax and enjoy.”

The guide was pretty awesome. We hardly spoke along the way but having the harness and the rope helped him to feel my pace. I think I was stopping every single 30 seconds to take a minute break; yet we got to the top in 5 hours and were first to see the sunrise.

When we finally reached to the top and started to climb down, the beauty of the nature was something I can’t express in a few words. Here are a few pictures but if you really want to understand what I experienced, I would highly encourage you to climb a mountain.

GUIDE: I went with Jason Lara and loved him. However, a few other friends really disliked him. It’s up to you.

BOOKING: I booked through http://hostaltiana.com/chapters/view/9 They were awesome at helping and encouraging you to do it!