In the world’s deepest canyon! – Cotahuasi, Peru

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HOW TO GET TO COTAHUASI: You would need to get to Chuquibamba and from there take a local transportation that leave at 6am from the mercado (infront of the green little tienda).

TO GET TO CHUQUIBAMBA: We took Transportes Alex (the cheapest at that time), but Transportes Reyna and Transportes Eros Tour go there as well.  The price was about 35 soles, 5 hours.

LODGING: There is no official lodging. You have to knock on the doors at the village. They charged us 15 soles for a matrimonial bed and 10 each for a double.

                                           BRING LOTS OF WATER!!!!

Have you even been so thirsty that you feared not to make it?

Kelly and I decided to hike the deepest canyon of the planet. We left at 6:30am with a block of salty cheese, six pieces of bread, two mandarins and 1.2 liters of water each.

The morning was pretty chilly but as we walked and the sun was climbing up, we kept putting more sunscreen, taking more cloth off and drinking more water. Up and down the hill, the trail didn’t seem difficult but the sun was killing us.

After 7 hours of hiking I asked Kelly:

¨How are you doing?¨ ¨

¨So thirsty¨´ said Kelly. Her eyes were saying it all.

´¨Do you still have water? Drink it´¨ I said, ¨´we are close¨´

¨¨I am not going to finish my water¨´ said Kelly.

According to the map, we were supposed to reach a village a long time ago, but the road seemed to continue on and on. Throu my mind were going three things:



and… how are we going to survive?

We were thinking about the last mandarin we have left, a bit of cheese, warm coat and towels to cover ourselves during the night, and water from the river. The worst feeling was the THIRST! We were dehydrated from toes to ears, our brains were exhausted and lips dry.

I looked at Kelly and all I could think was: ¨´we are close, we couldn´t have missed it!¨

¨´watch my bag, I will be back¨, I got the last bit of my energy and went back on the road. I climbed up.

´¨A village!´¨ I started waking faster. There was a facet. With hunger and thirst, I opened it up and got my hands full of water!

We had to find lodging. After knocking on a few doors, I finally found a man who was willing to host us. I asked for a 2.5L bottle of water, drunken half of it and run back with it to where I left Kelly.

We were saved!

The next morning we left at 5am to make the same route back to another village to take a bus. That time, we had enough water but were terribly existed from the hike. In 24 hours, we walked 42km.

I think that was one of the hardest hikes I have done! But having a good friend near and a beautiful view made it unforgettable!