Cuba – First Impression

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There is much more to say about Cuba than old cars, cigars, salsa, Che, Fidel, Raul and socialism.

It’s not all that scary, oppressed, and poor as some media, blogs, and tourists make it sound. It is very save and I could actually walk on the streets in the middle of the night. I don’t have to lock three doors and hide the keys in my bra like I did it in Costa Rica.

It all reminded me of Ukraine: apartments, old architecture, theatres, Lada cars, white chock walls, collection of empty perfume bottles, gas stoves, and water on schedule. Instead of “Coca-Cola,” “Samsung,” “AT&T” you can see “Socialism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” “Live Fidel,” and “Revolution.” Kids wear uniforms with little red scarves just like my parents did in Soviet Union. People wash bags from milk and reuse them. There are never light bulbs in building. And everyone is either very passionate about the Revolution or hates it quietly.


Safety. What did a Soviet Union Russian have that the other Russian didn’t? All had the same furniture, shoes, and dishes. It might not be the same case in Cuba but it feels like P1010414the absence of unhealthy capitalistic competition promotes a safer environment. Economic crisis hit the capitalist countries with unemployment, more human competition, more poverty and as a result more crime. Since socialist countries are cooking their own world nothing has changed here. It’s not to say that there are no thefts here but it’s to say that they are present less than in other countries as of today

Water. In capitalistic countries we are very concerned about environment and try to save water. In Cuba, if you over consume water, you are screwed because the next time you have it is at 6pm. And, who knows if you will.

Plastic. In the USA the stores pays you ¢5 when you bring your bags, in Cuba you pay to get one. The newspapers are used as garbage bags and dirty water to flash toilets. So who is helping the environment?