Crossing the border: From Costa Rica to Panama

I am in Panama!!!!

After a day of getting cleaned, unpacked and re-packed after Cuba I took a bus to David, Panama. It was a 6 hour ride to the border with Costa Rica and 2 hours ride to David.

On the bus I met a very nice Tica who was going back and force between Costa Rica and Panama for medical treatments.

When we got to the border I was shocked. It was the most informal border I have ever seen!!! It looked like a big market place with a lot of fried chicken, fruits and hats.

When we went to get a stamp for Panama they didn’t ask me any questions and just stamped my passport. At the luggage claim, we all got into a big room with our bags, laid them on a big table and waited for a border representative. When he entered, we handed him the registrations. He asked me to open my backpack that was tightly packed with space bags full of clothes. Since it was too much work to take everything out, he touched it all throughout and let me go.

In David, I took a taxi to Bambu  hostel where I was meet by the managers and the owner.

TIPS: **Print out a 24 hour reservation on from Panama to any other country. You might be asked for an exit ticket from the country and if you don’t have it, you would need to pay for a return bus ticket that you might never use.

** Taxi from the terminal to Hostal Bambu is about $2 (in 2012)