Salta and Cafayate – Argentina

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The cheapest way across Argentina meant it all – hitchhiking “hasta el fin”, making delicious stake meals for $2.5 , and CouchSurfing with random strangers.

When we arrived to Salta we had a Couch ready for us at our later-to-be friend Rosa who was a hostel host. Her house was outside of Salta and Jana, Rosa and I had to share a bedroom that has as big as a shoe box. Her and her family, however, took an amazing care of us. I also got to meet her crazy parrot that was running after my feet trying to bite me. What a creep!

I fell in love with Salta upon arriving but after a few days it all lost it charm. I was getting really tired from my 11 months trip. We went out a couple times to dance salsa. Unfortunately, nobody knew how. Then, we went shopping, ate lots of fried empanadas, met the nicest guy from Caledonia and after a few days decided to take off to Cafayate.


It was such a brief visit that I have almost forgotten about being there. Cafayate is a nice little village with wineries and a canyon that looks something like Utah.

Jana and I decided to climb to a few waterfalls. On the way to the National Park we were offered a ride by two Argentinian actors. They could probably tell we were professional hitchhikers even without sticking the finger and the sign out.

We gladly accepted the ride and even hiked with them the first part of the trail. The guide was necessary for climbing but our “cheap” way of travelling forbid us to pay and we even convinced the Argentinians to go for free.

The climb was tough. I have never done so much wild bouldering in my life! Good thing the Argentinians had a thermos of rewarding mate and invited us for a traditional asado and beer dinner.