San Diego, California

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Who would imagine? San Diego has so much diversity and beauty! It’s almost like a hidden treasure of California. Not knowing about it, I was imagining it being similar to L.A. but just with more heat and traffic.

To my surprise, it turned out to be a pretty fun place to spend a day. Our curiosity took us to Seaport Village. It definitely is a  tourist trap with cute little boutiques, cafes, ice cream kiosks, bookstores, and restaurants. People do all kinds of arts and crafts. We saw mimes, clowns, jugglers, painters, parrot owners, kite runners, and psychics. We strolled along the Pacific ocean, had our beer (of course), watched people, listened to music, and took photos.

I felt like a tourist again and lost my consciousnesses of the place and time for a few hours.  It was nice just to be present in the moment.