Pharmacy in Costa Rica

If you saw my huge burn on my back from a recent trip to the beach you would be speechless. I look like a lobster with a huge blister all across my back. I can barely sleep, move, dress up, lean on the back of a chair, or bend down. I have to literally stand still like a Queen’s Guard at the royal residence to feel good.

On Saturday I thought I will be fine without sunscreen, on Sunday I put the sun screen on but thought I should be fine on the beach for 5 hours, on Monday I bought a tube of Aloe Vera and today I had to go the pharmacy for real medicine. It’s a second degree burn.

When I stepped my foot into a pharmacy,  a very nice guy asked what he can help with and I told him that I have blisters.  He looked at my feet and I had to specify that it was on my back. I got burned.

-How did you get burned?

-It’s sunburn and I might need antibiotics, I said.

He went to the back and brought a professionally looking cream of Sulfadiazina de Plata Genfar and another tube of Aloe Vera.

-Let me ask if the doctor can see you, he said.

I was thrilled. After a few years of living in the States there was no such a thing as giving medicament without prescription or seeing a doctor without even knowing your name. A nice lady came out, took me to the back, looked at the blister and said:

-Wow! That’s the biggest blister I have seen.

She gave me a few creams, painkillers, Aloe Gel and said to check back in a few days!

Hopefully, the blister will go away pretty soon. But experiences like this make you get better even faster. PURA VIDA!