Copacabana, Puno York – from Peru to Bolivia

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Two months in Arequipa, Peru flew by. They were full of joy, happiness, amazing work with children, teaching salsa, but sadness and difficulties at the same time. I got too overwhelmed with the everyday life and was ready to leave.

Before crossing the border with Bolivia, we headed to Puno on the south of Peru with Vincente and Motta to see my best Arequipeno friend Manu. We took a boat to the Uru floating islands, ate a humongous trout and went to the most unusual Birthday party in the middle of nowhere with lots of pigs.Then, Vincente, Isa and I took a bus to Copacabana. On the border I was asked to pay $56 to get a visa. I am happy I did not mention that I live in the USA.

Otherwise, I would have paid $150.

Copacabana seemed like a pretty nice little town with Lake Titicaca view allover. Unfortunately, it was full of gringos like us. We didn’t really feel the difference between Peru and Bolivia until we went to a restaurant to have lunch. The service was very slow, the portions were tiny and the prices pretty high. Who said that Bolivia was that cheap?

After a night in Copacabana, we said goodbyes to Vincente and took a boat to the Isla Del Sol. (Island of Sun). It was great but the whole way through we basically slept on a 4-hours boat ride. The guide was great, we learned a lot though.

When we got back, had to catch a bus to La Paz.