Day Trip to Volcan Poas

This is probably the most beautiful place I have seen in my life.

Bus Schedule:

It was an hour ride from Alajuela. We stopped to get breakfast and then, before the national park, to get the tickets.

-Uno, por favor, I said to get a ticket.


If you are confident with your Spanish you might as well say yes and hope they don’t check your ID.

The difference between the national ticket and the tourist was about $9. I wish I could have lied but I said I wasn’t from there and paid the full price. We had about 4 hours at the park. That was enough to hike each of the two trails two times, to have homemade ham sandwiches, and take a bunch of pictures.

It always amazes me how much satisfaction and peace you get from looking at the nature. It’s so powerful! Standing only a few kilometers away from an active volcano makes you realize how little and insignificant you are. It gets deeply into you.